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The folks who shape the industry, each dedicated to making email better for everyone. Stolen nearly wholesale from the Action Rocket gang. Subscribe to #EmailWeekly as payment.

Jason Rodriguez Twitter Website
Becs Rivett-Kemm Twitter
Jaina Mistry Twitter
Justine Jordan Twitter
Justin Khoo Twitter
Fabio Carneiro Twitter
Chad White Twitter
Parry Malm Twitter
Vicky Ge Twitter
Elliot Ross Twitter
Kristian Robinson Twitter
Ros Hodgekiss Twitter
Clinton Wilmott Twitter
Nicole Merlin Twitter
Anne Tomelin Twitter

Kevin Mandeville

Email designer and product manager at Litmus. The guy that does all of that crazy shit in email.

Follow him on Twitter
Jacques Corby-Tuech Twitter
Anna Yeaman Twitter
Josh Green Twitter
Scott Hardigree Twitter
Dan Denney Twitter
Phil Singer Twitter
Frode A. Myklebust Twitter
Ted Goas Twitter
Lee Munroe Twitter
Steph Jones Twitter
Sharon Jennings Twitter
Paul Airy Twitter
John Bonini Twitter
Matt Slaymaker Twitter
Matt Byrd Twitter

Kristin Bond

The snarkiest marketer in the business and the only account you need to watch during a conference. Lover of brisket.

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Alan O’ Rourke Twitter
Andy Thorpe Twitter
Bill McCloskey Twitter
Jonathan Pay Twitter
Dan Oshinsky Twitter
Glenn Smith Twitter
Brian Graves Twitter
Tink Taylor Twitter
Jordie van Rijn Twitter
Kirsty Trainer Twitter
Rut Dawson Twitter
Andrew Bonar Twitter
Jason Meeker Twitter
Dan Grech Twitter
Annett Forcier Twitter

Mark Robbins

Email developer at Rebelmail, enjoys his markup with a sprinkling of insane logic in CSS. Plus, he makes killer music.

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Abby Wentzel-Elison Twitter
Jody Gibbons Twitter
Kath Pay Twitter
Todd Fraser Twitter
Joi Tamber-Brooks Twitter
Tom Riley Twitter
Alex Ilhan Twitter
Mark Finn Twitter
Russell Cragun Twitter
Wilbert Heinen Twitter
Mike Ragan Twitter
Sam Beddoes Twitter
Rémi Parmentier Twitter
Alex Kelly Twitter
Camille Palu Twitter
Miah Roberts Twitter
Lauren Smith Twitter
Erin King Twitter
Alessandra Souers Twitter
Alex Williams Twitter
Alex Mohr Twitter
Annette West Twitter
Amanda Soehnlen Twitter
Josh Rubner Twitter
Geoff Phillips Twitter

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Online classes, workshops, and books to learn more about email marketing, design, and development.

Unmasking HTML Emails Code School Website
HTML Email Design Treehouse Website
Responsive HTML Email Design Frontend Masters Website
Modern HTML Email RodriguezCommaJ Website
Professional Email Design RodriguezCommaJ Website
Getting Started with Email Marketing Skillshare Website
Designing Effective Emails Skillshare Website
Writing Effective Emails Skillshare Website
Measuring Impact with Metrics Skillshare Website
ZURB: Responsive Emails ZURB Website
Creating a Responsive HTML Email Lynda Website
HTML Email Design and Development Envato Website
Introduction to Email Marketing General Assembly Website
Write Emails Users Will Read General Assembly Website

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Great writing on email design, development, strategy, and more. Load up your Instapaper account.

Can email be responsive? Article Website
Modern HTML Email Book Website
Professional Email Design Book Website
Email Design Reference Guide Website
The Hybrid Coding Approach Article Website
Hybrid Coding Redux Article Website
Creating a Future-Proof Responsive Email Without Media Queries Article Website
Creating a Centered, Responsive Design Without Media Queries Article Website
Content Choreography in Responsive Email Article Website
Android Grid of Grim Article Website
MailChimp Guides Guide Website
MailChimp Research Guide Website
Using Video and Email Together Article Website
The Fab Four Technique Article Website
Super Mail Forward Article Website
Using Flexbox in Email Article Website
Responsive Email Support Article Website
Email Marketing Rules Book Website
Improve Your Email Workflow with Modular Design Article Website
Webfont Alternatives, Fallbacks, and Outlook Article Website
Optimize Your Email Development Workflow Article Website
Building a Dynamic SVG Timer Article Website
Image Budgets for Email Article Website
CSS Shapes in Email Article Website
Typographic Patterns in Email Article Website
Webfont Support in Email Article Website
Video in Email Article Website
On the Cusp of Craftsmanship Article Website
Campaign Monitor Guides Guide Website
Can you just make it responsive? Article Website


On why you should never use the term blast when referring to an email campaign. Seriously, just stop it.

We'll all thank you
TD or Not TD? That's Now a Question Article Website
Gmail, We Need to Talk Article Website
Using Images in HTML Email Article Website
How to Hide Checkbox and Radio Inputs in Email Article Website
Reverse Stacking Using Table-Align Based Methods Article Website
How to Hide and Show Content on Mobile Devices Article Website
Typography in Email Article Website
2016 State of Email Production Report Website
A Guide to CSS Inlining in Email Article Website
The Ultimate Guide to Using Snippets in Email Design Article Website
How to Recover from Email Marketing Mistakes Guide Website
How to Code a Live Dynamic Twitter Feed in HTML Email Article Website
A Gmail-First Strategy for Responsive Emails Article Website
Fitting Responsive Email Client Support into Client Budgets Article Website
Email Client Support for Interactive and Dynamic CSS Article Website
The Ultimate Guide to Preview Text Support Article Website
A Bulletproof Guide to Using HTML5 and CSS3 in Email Article Website
How to Code HTML5 Video Background in Email Article Website
A Guide to Animated GIFs in Email Article Website
The Tyranny of Tables Article Website
A Guide to Bulletproof Buttons Article Website
Alternative Table Structure for Flexible HTML Emails Article Website
Emails with HAML and Jekyll Front Matter Article Website
HTML Emails: Planning and Organization Article Website
Understanding Responsive and Hybrid Email Design Article Website

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The best tools for designing, developing, testing, and tracking email campaigns.

Sketch Graphics Website
Affinity Designer Graphics Website
Affinity Photo Graphics Website
Pixelmator Graphics Website
Adobe Photoshop Graphics Website
Adobe Illustrator Graphics Website
Paint.NET Graphics Website
Acorn Graphics Website
ImageOptim Graphics Website
JPEGmini Graphics Website
Litmus Builder Coding Website
Adobe Dreamweaver Coding Website


Instant email previews in 50+ clients, checklists, email analytics, spam testing, and an entire community to help you send with confidence.

Make email better
Sublime Text Coding Website
Coda Coding Website
Atom Coding Website
Brackets Coding Website
Visual Studio Code Coding Website
BBEdit Coding Website
Emmet Coding Website
Bulletproof Background Images Coding Website
Bulletproof Email Buttons Coding Website
Trello Planning Website
Google Docs Planning Website
Litmus Email Previews Testing Website
PutsMail Testing Website
Litmus Email Analytics Analytics Website
Google Analytics Analytics Website
Rebelmail Analytics & Content Website
Movable Ink Content Website
Kickdynamic Content Website
Taxi for Email Coding/Content Website
StampReady Coding/Design Website
BEE Free Coding/Design Website

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Email frameworks, templates, and code snippets to help make development easier.

Litmus Community Templates Templates Website
Litmus Slate Templates Website
Foundation for Emails Framework Website
MJML Framework Website
MailChimp Email Blueprints Templates Website
Litmus Community Snippets Snippets Website
Responsive Email Patterns Snippets Website
Cerberus Templates Website
Email Framework Framework Website
Antwort Templates Website
MiddleMail Framework Website
Zenith Framework Website
Sendwithus Templates Templates Website
MUI Framework Website
Outline Mail Framework Website

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The best places to keep up-to-date on the email industry.

RodriguezCommaJ Website
Litmus Blog Website
MailChimp Blog Website
Campaign Monitor Blog Website
Email Design Review Website
Action Rocket Labs Website
StyleCampaign Blog Website
Email Snarketing Website
Rebelmail Blog Website


It's infrequent, but when Anna Yeaman does post, it's usually the best damned thing you'll read that month.

Seriously worth it
Style Campaign
Rémi Parmentier on Medium Website
FreshInbox Website
James White's Blog Website
Really Good Emails Website
Email Critic Website
Word to the Wise Website
Email Wizardry Website
Email Monks Blog Website
Return Path Blog Website
Emma Blog Website
HubSpot Email Blog Website
ExactTarget Blog Website
Marketo Blog Website
Email Experience Council Blog Website
WhatCounts Blog Website
Email Monday Website
Vero Blog Website
The Goolara Blog Website
FreshMail Blog Website
Spam Resource Website
Email Marketing Chronicles Website
Email Marketing Rules Website
Rejoiner Blog Website
AWeber Blog Website
Email The Podcast Podcast Website
The Email Design Podcast Podcast Website

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Companies to help you manage subscribers, send, and track email campaigns.

Campaign Monitor Marketing Website
Emma Marketing Website
Silverpop Marketing Website
Mad Mimi Marketing Website
SFMC (née ExactTarget) Marketing Website
Pardot Marketing Website
Vero Marketing Website
Aweber Marketing Website
BlueHornet Marketing Website


Effortlessly design, send, sell, and analyze with MailChimp. Join over 10 million people who are sending better email.

Chimp it up
Constant Contact Marketing Website
dotmailer Marketing Website
Mailjet Marketing Website
Bronto Marketing Website
Experian CheetahMail Marketing Website
GetResponse Marketing Website
iContact Marketing Website
MailerMailer Marketing Website
Marketo Marketing Website
Eloqua Marketing Website
Maropost Marketing Website
Responsys Marketing Website
Rejoiner Marketing Website
Postmark Transactional Website
SendGrid Transactional Website
Mailgun Transactional Website
MailerLite Marketing Website
MailUp Marketing Website